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Welcome to the official website Shanghai appropriate yan purification technology co., LTD!

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The company address:Brecilian road, xinzhuang town, minhang district of Shanghai382Number   Contact phone numberaa00-00-0-0-0-00000000-00-0-0-0-0000000-00-0-0-0-0000000-00-0-0-0-0000000-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa0-00-0-0-0-064192533   E-mail:dingxingjhaa0000163

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HIVLaboratory project
Experimental animal room purification engineering
Cosmetics,The food industry purification engineering
Precision electronics,Purification equipment engineering
Scientific research and teaching laboratories
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Appropriate technology rig

To purify the engineering design、The construction16Years


Planning、Design、One-stop solution purification engineering construction,Do personal butler for each project

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Send project director will be entirely responsible for construction site management,Starting from the construction to the implementation of the whole control project delivery100%No subcontract construction group,Build center construction directly。

Establish strict construction standards

Shanghai top xing has complete construction team,Strong engineering qualifications,The construction period will not exceed the contract,Timely delivery of services make you satisfied

Strictly fulfill the delivery time

The system of professional engineering after-sales service process,Ensure your thoughtful and dust-free purification room service,We will regularly free on-site maintenance for you、Maintenance and repair

Perfect project after

16Years of industry experience

More than16Years of industry experience of the construction team,Has a more than16Years of industry experience team of engineers,The engineer all related certificates

All construction projects can be guaranteed through the countryGMPDetection,All construction projects are one-time passGMPDetection
Or other quality checks


The purification equipment conforms to the national standard;Ensure that all construction process used in purification equipment and cleaning materials are through the strict inspection,High level quality comprehensive quality in the industry。

High quality purification equipment

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Constant temperature and humidity laboratory

Clean laboratory

Scientific research and education

Hospital clean operating room

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Shanghai appropriate yan purification technology co., LTD

Shanghai appropriate yan purification technology co., LTD

Appropriate yan purification is specialized in laboratory planning as a whole、Design、Production、Installation and after-sale service integrated modern enterprise,The provider of the laboratory integrated solutions。 The company design products,Stately generous shape,Flexible structure,The operation is simple and convenient。We provide professional service for the customer。Companies pay attention to scientific and technological innovation for a long time,In the laboratory during many years in the field of professional knowledge accumulation,And learn from Europe and the United States、Countries such as Japan's advanced technology and design concept,Combining the development trend of the domestic market,Developed a series of domestic leading level of laboratory furniture and equipment。
Appropriate yan purification to manufacturing to achieve[Possibility]The challenge。The product mainly includes special laboratory furniture、Fume hoods and ventilation systems and peripheral devices,For biopharmaceuticals、Chemical industry、Electrons、Environmental protection、The hospital、Food、Colleges and universities、Examination and research institutions, etc。

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Ten factors affecting clean room cost
2017-1000000-00-0-0-0-028 15:24
Ten factors affecting clean room cost??Shanghai appropriate yan purification technology co., LTD00016439176Use the following ten variable cost factors,Provide alternative design scheme,To improve the basic clean room design and standards,Try to meet the needs of the factory,Through these methods we should be able to reduce the engineering cost of the project。Suitable for biopharmaceuticals、Microelectronics and the food processing industry planning and construction of clean room。01Air changes in the room rate of pollutants and the actual particles produced,Are the main factors influencing the cleanroom air ventilation rate。In the process of production,Not any influence of other factors
Rating standard dust-free workshop
2017-1000000-00-0-0-0-016 17:48
A、On the dust particle cleanliness level maximum allowable number of suspended particles/Static dynamic cubic meters(3)≥0.5μm≥5μm(2)≥0.5μm≥5μmALevel(1)352020352020??BLevel3520293520002900CLevel3520002900352000029000DLevel352000029000Do not make provisions do not make two、About the planktonic bacteria microbial monitoring dynamic standard clean area(a)As follows:Level of planktonic bacteriacfu/m3Settlement of bacteria(??90mm)cfu/4Hours(2)Surface of microorganisms
Reasonable control purification workshop area?